MythBusters: JCU Writing Center Edition

WritingCenterMythsWelcome to the Writing Center’s first blog post! In our first post, I aim to debunk some myths about JCU’s Writing Center!

In order to do this, I sent an email to a group of friends. They range from freshmen to seniors, have majors across all disciplines, and some have been to the Writing Center while others have not. My questions were simple: Why don’t you visit the Writing Center? If you do visit the Writing Center, why don’t you come more often? Once I got past a few jokes, one being “I’m scurrd cuz I kant spel & get maid phun of” I got some real answers!

  1. “I wish I didn’t have to have an appointment.” –Matt ‘16

You don’t have to have an appointment! You can easily walk into the Writing Center and ask for help. If you want to guarantee a consultant will help you, you should make an appointment. However, walk-ins are allowed and welcome. If you walk in without an appointment, the consultants must help the scheduled students first, but you are up next!

  1. “I think that people may not go to the Writing Center because they don’t realize how easy it is to get an appointment.” –Alex ‘16

It’s simple! Just send us an email with your name, day and time you were thinking about visiting the Writing Center. Provide us with your phone number as well. That way, if something comes up, we can call you and if you are unable to make it, we can take a walk-in consultation. Remember, you don’t need an appointment but making one is easy!

  1. “I’m intimidated when they read my paper out loud.” –Elizabeth ‘19

Yeah, it’s a little weird! We get it, but it helps us catch grammar issues and it’s helpful for you to hear your ideas out loud as a writer. If it is bothersome to you, please ask your consultant to read to his or herself. It happens all the time! We want you to be comfortable.

  1. “I find it intimidating to go to the Writing Center because my writing is not as skilled as the students who work there. They might think I’m unintelligent or judge my bad writing.” –Allison ‘19

We believe that you are the specialist on your paper and you are teaching us. We are just here to guide the writing process and answer questions along the way. There are many times consultants will have to look up writing questions or ask other consultants. We are students just like you, who just have a special interest in the writing process! As consultants, we do not dwell on the paper after the consultation. We do think about the experience and guess what? We are learning from you! We are learning about your topic, teacher’s assignment, and common issues students are struggling with while composing a paper. We, as consultants, understand that writing is a process, and we expect that the paper you bring is a draft. Therefore, we expect there to be glitches and hope we can engage in a collaborative conversation that will benefit both you and us as writers!
The Writing Center is a great place to have a second set of eyes to look over and paper and develop skills to become a better writer! Make an appointment or walk-in and we hope to have a helpful, comfortable conversation about writing. Come visit us soon!

EllieEllie Rafoth is a John Carroll senior in her second year at the Writing Center. She is majoring in English with a political science minor.



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