Finals Week Writing Tips

Welcome back, JCU! We hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving break enjoying family and friends. With the end of the semester quickly approaching, the workload is starting to pile up. Assignments all start to hit at once, making these last few weeks just a bit stressful. Not to mention, it’s time for final papers! As a veteran of many Finals Weeks, here are some tips to getting started on those long papers that wrap up the semester!

  1.     Get started NOW

I know, I know. The paper isn’t due for three more weeks, however if you start it now, you have a better chance of creating a successful final draft to turn in. Not to mention, you will have more time for other group project meetings, tests, and reports!

  1.     Make an outline

I was never an outliner until recently and it truly helps! For that final paper, sit down and make a rough outline of how your paper will be organized. This will help you to begin thinking about how things are going to flow in your paper, not to mention spark ideas!

  1.     Write in sections

If you start early, you will have time to write in sections. I know we’ve all done it, but it’s challenging to sit down and write an entire paper the night before it’s due. Most likely, you will have typos or your ideas won’t be completely fleshed out. If you write in sections, you can accomplish a little bit each day, alleviating stress!

  1.     Revise, Revise, Revise!

This is the last impression you will leave on your teacher before the semester ends! Leave some time to go back and rework paragraphs and placement of ideas. Give yourself time to look at all of your punctuation, spelling, and citations. It’s important to turn in a professional, polished final draft!

  1.     Make an appointment with the Writing Center

We are here to help! Need help brainstorming? Can’t organize an outline? Having trouble with the intro and conclusion? Stuck on a body paragraph? We have got you covered at any point in the writing process. Stop in to make an appointment, email us at, or give us a call at 216-397-4529.

  1.     Keep Calm and Write On

You might feel overwhelmed, stressed, and tired during these last few weeks, but stay positive! Give yourself breaks and don’t forget to do things for yourself after a long day of writing. Go for a walk, workout, watch an episode on Netflix, go grab Chipotle with friends! Recharge your batteries so you can come back to writing feeling refreshed and energized!

Good luck with the last few weeks of the semester! The Writing Center is here for all of your writing needs!

Ellie Rafoth is a first year GA and has worked in the Writing Center for three years.ellie-rafoth


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